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ngEmbed 2.0.3 Opdateret

ngEmbed does a few things to your website's text, starting with converting emoticons to font-based smileys, image-based emojis (with Retina support), and by automatically highlighting source code syntax. The plugin additionally can also read the page's...

React Prism

React Prism 3.0.0 Opdateret

React Prism provides a React-specific interface that simplifies the process of embedding and then adding a syntax coloring theme to the code in your React applications. The plugin basically adapts the Prism source code & syntax highlighting...


Redcarpet 3.3.3 Opdateret

It is a fast and safe Markdown to (X)HTML parser for Ruby apps. Redcarpet is a Ruby wrapper for the famous Upskirt C library, specialized in manipulating Markdown syntax. Bby default, Redcarpet parses standard Markdown (with no extensions) and offers a...


Morphext 2.4.6 Opdateret

When you say "text carousel" most developers tend to think of "news tickers" by default. Morphext is not such a widget, not scrolling text sideways like a news headline, but animating it with various other effects, right in the place it stands. What...

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Prism 1.3.0 Opdateret

Prism will take a regular 'pre' or 'code' element and transform it into a colorful piece of text, increasing its readability and display style.The library is ideal for Web pages where code needs to be easily seen, like tutorials, documentation sites, or...


TypeWriter 0.0.7 Opdateret

The TypeWriter library is fully customizable and delivers a simple to use JS tool that can be used in revealing small or big blocks of text in an unique way.Text can be displayed one letter at a time, just like it would be typed in real-time by a person...

Speaking URL

Speaking URL 7.0.0 Opdateret

The Speaking URL library takes normal text and converts it into a form which can be used as an URL slug. Speaking URL works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments. It can be used as a module for outputting SEO friendly clean...

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humps 0.7.0 Opdateret

pukler vil vise sig at være en temmelig praktisk værktøj for udviklere, der har brug for at konvertere tekst-baserede data fra forskellige teknologier.Arbejder med array-strukturer samt med normal tekst.. Usage instruktioner er inkluderet i download-pakke...


EnlighterJS 2.9.0 Opdateret

EnlighterJS er baseret på Lighter , den syntaksfremhævning plugin bruges på den officielle MooTools hjemmeside.Det blev kløvet fra den oprindelige kode til at yde bedre støtte til de seneste MooTools versioner, og tilføje nye temaer og sprog med...